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Lay It All Down

Luke 24                                         

(This message is online at: - Use this listening guide as you watch the video worship services online. This will also have questions you can use with your connect group.

C.S. Lewis – the famed apologist of the 20th Century said – “Jesus is either liar, or lunatic, or He’s Lord”  ---  and it all hinges on the resurrection

Jesus ______________________ came up and walked along with them;

As true as the Word of God is – God is that truly __________________

Jesus was more interested with what they ________________ than what they __________________.


What impacted you the most about the sermon this weekend? Was there anything that you heard that you had never heard before? ?

APPLY THE Scripture :  Read  1 Cor 15:3-7 —According to Paul, what is “of first importance” in the Gospel?

Q1— What does it look like to live as a Christian in the hope of the resurrection?

Q2—Pastor Paul made the statement: “Jesus was more interested with what they believed than what they saw. . “ What does that mean to you?

Q3— How would you explain Easter to someone who asked you, “What’s Easter all about anyway?” .

Q4— Theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg said, “The evidence for Jesus' resurrection is so strong that nobody would question it except for two things: First, it is a very unusual event. And second, if you believe it happened, you have to change the way you live.” Do you agree or disagree? Why? ?

Q5—Read Heb. 2:14-15. Though death is the most certain thing in life, why do you think people avoid talking about it? How have you seen the fear of death enslave people? Have you ever felt enslaved by the fear of death? How can meditations on the resurrection help people who fear death? ?


· This week, ask God to fill you with his Holy Spirit, so that you can see opportunities he has for you to share the truth of the resurrection, and to give you the boldness to speak about it, no matter what the cost. Don’t let the distractions of the world rob you of the joy that comes from sharing the Gospel

·  TALK ABOUT the series Nail It Down and how we can commit to settle the important teachings of God’s Word

He finished – ________________________– what we couldn’t

BUT he wants us to see the __________________ –the ___________________________

Have you noticed that those who are the ________________ are not always the most _________________.

Galatians 6:14     14 May I never boast except IN the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

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