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How many of you know that life is more a journey – than it is a destination – the older I get the more true that is for me ---- Do you ever allow yourself to get discouraged – by moments in your life ---

  • Those seasons—that knock us off center

    • When we get the word we didn’t want to hear

    • When the door shuts and we’re on the outside

    • When we face the unknown—the unwanted—the uncertainty

    • And how about a world wide pandemic

 Sometimes we get stuck in these moments – that are part of the big picture. Sometimes it feels like that moment is never going to end-----Remember – It’s a journey ---- we’ve been handing out HOPE – encouraging people  - that Hope is on the way – Hope is Here – Hope has a name – His name is Jesus

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Paul Clark


I want to show you this awesome promise in scripture – and how we can pray this prayer of protection over our community & Family

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Paul Clark


This is a bold prayer – this is a powerful prayer  -- that laid the groundwork for one of the greatest miracles of the Old Testament ---

2 Chronicles 20

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Paul Clark


You can have provision for the body – but if you don’t have provision for the soul – you will die a little bit everyday

Hebrews 11

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Paul Clark


If God tells you something – you believe it – you hold on to it …  you don’t let it go --Hope is always on the way – when you believe the promises of God ---  Don’t you need that HOPE

Romans 15

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Paul Clark


People need Hope – there’s just so much hopelessness, lack of Hope, How many of you need some Hope today? Do you know somebody that needs some hope in their lives?

Hebrew 6

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Paul Clark


Abraham is on this journey to HOPE --- a future and a HOPE. Sometimes this journey is dark—uncertain (at least to us) – sometimes we can’t see—we don’t know --- But God knows

Hebrew 6

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