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6-30-24 - preach pic.jpg

Paul Clark


That’s the ALL IN  father – that rebuilds - How do you know that God loves you? – because you’ve been the prodigal and so have I - no matter how far out you go – God is still ALL IN for you – God loves you – He chooses you – God rebuilds people…. God leaves the lights on

6-23-24- preach pic.jpg

Paul Clark


IT’S HEAVY – It’s a burden – this message is convicting – it’s heavy because It comes from the Lord – this was not the word of man – this is God talking – it’s divine inspiration – This is Scripture

5-19-24 - preach pic.jpg

Paul Clark


John’s going to show us -False testimony confronted, True testimony confirmed, Personal testimony confessed – and when he’s done he’s going to call us to a verdict or a decision

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5 min with nw

5-12-24 - preach pic.jpg

Paul Clark


I want to introduce you to a Mother – that doesn’t get a lot of attention – She’s not even mentioned by name until the end of the text we’re gong to read – Her name is Jochebed – she’s the mother of Moses – and she has this incredible story of courage and faith

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4-9-23 - preach pic.jpg

Paul Clark


The Disciples were having some trouble believing….  We would have too – and here’s why – We expect dead people to stay dead

1-3-21  Worship Pic.jpg

Paul Clark


In John chapter 5 there's a conversation between Jesus and a man that teaches us something about FOCUS. 

5-9-21 preaching pic.jpg

Paul Clark


Jesus was not raised in a plastic laboratory. He was raised in a family, a family with problems and struggles. The Bible says the wise men found Jesus with His mother and they worshipped Him

Mother's Day 2021
6-20-21 - preaching pic.jpg

Paul Clark


I wonder this morning --- Have you been introduced to your heavenly father? Are you introducing your children to the heavenly father ?

4-24-22 - preach pic.jpg

Paul Clark


If the target is – to faithfully follow Jesus --- we need to know what that looks like – If we’re aiming for it—we need to know what it is

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