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You understand what God put you on this planet to do.  Life is all about learning to love like Jesus.  First, learning to love vertically—our love for God.  And then learning to love horizontally—our love for everybody else.  Everything else is noise.  Everything else is secondary.  Let love be your highest goal.  

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Paul Clark


The whole quest for spiritual maturity in Paul’s mind is --  “that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering..”

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Paul Clark


“Love never fails” --- the verb Paul uses for the word fail describes a flower as it falls to the ground, withers, and decays. It’s death and abolishment…

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Paul Clark


This is a Love that stays --- and here’s where it’s hard – It’s to remain under—to stay where you are – even when the weight of the circumstances scream at you to run

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Paul Clark


How many of you know that love always hopes? - and do you know that God is still working on you. Can you give a brother some slack?….

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Paul Clark


So what do we need to get this roof over our head? – How do we protect the house? ---  Paul said – that’s what Love does….

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Paul Clark


So what do we need to get this roof over our head? – How do we protect the house? ---  Paul said – that’s what Love does….

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Paul Clark


We talk about Good Versus Evil ---  But Paul does something different here --  He talks about “Evil verses Truth” 

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Paul Clark


That’s why we can’t give the devil a foothold ---  he wants to lock you in that prison --- and he wants you to be unwilling to forgive………


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Paul Clark


So – Paul is not talking about keeping score – He’s talking about losing count – that’s a Love that forgives……

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Paul Clark


Love is not easily provoked, is not quick tempered, it’s not touchy,  does not blow its top, it’s not irritable. It doesn’t fly off the handle. It doesn’t turn green and grow 20 foot tall and throw cars at people….

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Paul Clark


What matters are those who have been touched by the Gospel – that’s what we leave behind --  do you want people to see you – or do they see only Jesus…..

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Paul Clark


We talk a lot about our rights – I have the right to free speech--- But Paul is talking to a group of people who are using their rights—to do wrong –

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Paul Clark


So Paul talks a lot about boasting – here he uses a rare word  that you don’t see anywhere else in the New Testament – How do you know when you need to get over you?

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Paul Clark


  • When love comes in the front door – it pushes envy out the backGet this --- when envy comes in the front door – it will push love out the back

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Matt Pearson


Love is more than what we say - It's what we do. Love acts, because it's a picture of God's greatest act of sending His only Son, Jesus Christ


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Paul Clark


Kindness is one of those words we hear a lot – but kindness is sort of like a Cheeto – you know what it is – you just don’t know how to define it

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Paul Clark


Patience isn’t naïve – it doesn’t ignore misbehavior – It just keeps the flame low – It waits – It listens – It’s slow to boil

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Paul Clark


So – here’s Simon—his love was empty—self-serving—His glass was full of everything else – but Real Love -- The woman who washed Jesus’ feet—had a glass full of Real Love

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Paul Clark


Some of us need some help with the “HOW” – So let me introduce you to a guy who was nicknamed “the Son of Thunder” --  who must have learned “the HOW” of love--- Because later he got a new nickname --- “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”

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Paul Clark


That’s what it means to “love your neighbor”—it means you’re willing to sacrifice for people who can’t possibly pay you back!  This Samaritan is showing us how to love like Jesus

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Paul Clark


That first image bearer named Adam – sinned – and now every image bearer is a sinner without hope – But the cross changed all that --  Jesus transforms from the inside out—it doesn’t matter what the outside looks like

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Paul Clark


So – if Love is so important to God --- If God wants Love to be our aim – and He wants us to do everything in love – then the most important thing we could ask is – “What is Love?”

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Paul Clark


Everything else is noise.  Everything else is secondary.  Let love be your highest goal.  Once you’ve learned how to love God & others--  then you’re ready to come to Heaven. 


Paul Clark


None of us have time for everything. We need to know what matters most. We begin our series Love is Here.

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