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Christmas 2020 may be the most important celebration ever - after months of isolation, social distancing and uncertainty, ALL of us need to reconnect and start fresh. The Christmas message will resonate with us even more this year. Each week during the Christmas season we will be encouraged to Rediscover a specific facet of the Good News of Christmas. Hope in our uncertainties, Peace in our struggles, Joy in our discouragements and Love in our differences.

11-29-20 Worship Preaching Pic.jpg


11-29-20 - Paul Clark

If you know what it’s like to want a toy – and not get it – this message is for you – it’s certainly for me – Let’s start this journey together this morning – and Rediscover Christmas and the gift of HOPE…..

12-6-20 Worship Preaching Pic 2.jpg


12-6-20 - Paul Clark

Do we need to Rediscover the Peace this Christmas – a calm in the chaos……………????

The world that Jesus was born into – was not much different than the world we live in today

  • There was racial and social injustice

  • Economic instability

  • People were looking for Hope & Peace & Joy….

12-13-20 Worship Preaching Pic.jpg


12-13-20 - Travis Horinek

Joy isn’t something that happens to you. It isn’t something you lose or gain. It isn’t something you can earn or win. Joy has a source. That source is God and He makes joy available every place at every time. No matter where you are or what you are facing,

12-20-20 - Worship Preaching Pic.jpg


12-20-20 - Paul clark

Faith is the only appropriate response to such a great gift

Receive it by faith with thanksgiving- that’s the only right response

This Rediscovering of Christmas --- is a reminder that a Son is given --- given and sent in love

12-27-20 - Worship Preaching Pic.jpg

Never the same Again

12-27-20 - Paul clark

If you’re staying the same day after day after day --- you’re drowning in the sea of sameness ---

       -----  LISTEN -----  You need a renewed revelation of God ----  And you can’t stay the same in the presence of God….

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