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We are the Easter People and Hallelujah is our song. This 5-week series leading into Good Friday and Easter Sunday examines the stories behind some of the key people involved in the Easter story.

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Paul Clark


Mary Magdalene has been called one of the purest examples of devotion in the entire  Bible. And this is an epic moment. Before the spotlight in the story she had to walk out of the darknens.

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Paul Clark


So – he’s from Arimathea—Matthew tells us he’s got some money HE’S RICH – and he’s a PROMINENT member of the council – That’s the Sanhedrin—the 70 member group 

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Paul Clark


His story takes us on a wild ride – and we end up at the intersection of faith and doubt…. We’ve all been there—It’s a familiar place to us ----------- and that’s where we go to meet Thomas -- 

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Paul Clark


His story has some chapters on failure – does your story have any of that? ---  the answer is probably “Yep” --  How many of you already know we are a fellowship of forgiven failures --- 

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Paul Clark


Your story has some defining moments……You know what that is -- and sometimes we don’t recognize the defining moment in the moment --  but we look back – and we go WOW --- that had such an impact on my destiny - It was a defining moment for me…………..

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