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When God sent His only Son to be with us and announced Him to Earth, you know what He called Him? Immanuel, which means “God with us.” God literally sent His son as a baby to our tiny planet and named Him God with us!  Consider again today what He’s done to be with us, to be with you.  What are you willing to do, or give up, to be with Him?

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Paul Clark


We may enjoy God on the mountaintops, but we get to know Him intimately in the valleys. We get to know Him in a different way when we're in the valleys./ 

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Paul Clark


WeHere's the big thought:  God is with us--even when we're not where we're supposed to be. With Him we have hope - peace - joy - You don't find that in the absence of trouble - you find that in the presence of Jesus 

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Paul Clark


DWe get in a storm and we get distracted - The winds are ferocious, the waves are relentless- and we want to know why. But the why is not as important as the who - Who is with you in the storm - God is with you

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Paul Clark


Joseph couldn't see it--he was going to divorce Mary quietly--his confusion was loud--His fear was loud--but then came the promise--he saw it--because that's what Christmas is about--His promise to be with you...

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