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So – have you looked around at the winds of weirdness in our world right now? – Do you think we should nail some things down….?

So – over these next several weeks we’re looking at some (certainly not all) but some foundational beliefs—that you can build a life on ---

Here’s the deal – if we don’t have these things nailed down – the winds are going to blow us away…..

These next several weeks – we’re going to be challenged to take the Bible and the Holy Spirit like a hammer – and drive some nails of commitment…..

It’s going to be challenging and convicting – and practical – you don’t need a PhD to nail this down – just an open heart and a prayerful spirit….


Paul Clark


“What’s the most important truth you’ll ever hear?” – What commands every dimension of your life?” There are some things we need to nail down – and the time to nail it down—is before the winds blow

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Paul Clark


So - the enemy is real. But what you want to know is how we can extinguish the flaming darts of the devil. That's what Paul is talking about in Ephesians 6.

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Paul Clark


I’ve come here to tell you – you’ve never lost value with God – no matter where you’ve been – or how the enemy has stepped on you…………  You are valuable to God

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2-7-21 - Preaching

Travis Horinek


Let's look at the truth that the Bible is God's Word. Let's nail down that truth together and ask what that means in my daily life.

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Paul Clark


You and I need to nail this down – because this is a theme in Jesus’ ministry – He taught more about this than heaven and hell – He taught that people who are faithful with worldly wealth – would be rewarded in the life to come ---

Matt Pearson


God has a purpose for us. This message challenges us to spend some time contemplating what God has made us to do. Let's nail down His purpose for our lives.

Travis Horinek


How does God speak to you? That is the subject we are going to nail down together in this message. What is more important than placing a priority on God speaking His truth to each of us?

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Paul Clark


It's so important that we nail this down, you have a gift and you were given that gift when you became a believer. Here's the question that I've been asked for years: "Is it possible to have a gift and not even know it?"

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Paul Clark


There's just something that happens when we gather as a body on the weekends and have church. Do you want to go to church?

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Paul Clark


Nail this down-He was nailed down for you - so you might believe that He is the Christ - the Messiah - the Son of God - and in your believing you have life in His name....

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Paul Clark


 All of us know what it's like to have a broken heart. Broken by our lack of faith, broken by our addictions, our loss, our lack of commitment - Jesus says - I took care of that for you - why don't you lay it all down

4-11-21 - Preaching Pic.jpg

Paul Clark


If you haven't nailed down the truth that Jesus is coming again your missing out on what the Bible calls our "blessed hope"  Get this - the next big event on the Biblical timeline is the second coming of Christ.

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