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This series is about helping people radically change the way we pray. Paul has some solid ideas on how and what to pray for those we love. This series looks at those ideas with the hope and prayer to shape the way we pray--for ourselves and others. Instead of seeking God for the little answerables, we want to learn to seek Him for eternal things: God's glory, kingdom expansion, and God's will. May your prayer life--and the spiritual lives of those for whom you are praying--never be the same!, 

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Paul Clark


Paul is praying and challenging those believers (and you and me) to not show up on the Day of Christ with an empty fruit basket. He prays with eternity in mind, that their lives should bring all praise and glory to the name that is above all names

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Paul Clark


Paul says – I’m praying that you would know the hope of His calling for you….. I’m praying for the riches of His glorious inheritance to become clear to you…… and I’m praying that you would know His great power to us who believe

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Paul Clark


Jesus didn't just come to die to save individuals, He came to create a new community of faith. And He calls you and I to be that community. God shows us a picture of that in one of Paul's prayers

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Paul Clark


Paul prays this wartime prayer for the Thessalonians  - He wants them to hang tough for Jesus – no matter how hard it gets. He's praying that God would count them worthy of His calling, and that God's power would help them do what matters most.

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Paul Clark


“Whatever your filled with controls you.” So Paul says pray – let your requests be made known to God ---- give up what you were not meant to control – and I’m going to give you peace

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Paul Clark


He’s praying that you would – not just know about this power – but you would remove the lid and allow His Spirit to strengthen you with His power

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