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Join us in this study of the book of Colossians. Even though Colossians is a short letter, it's important not to lose sight of the main point as you read it. The big idea of the letter is: Christ is all; you need no supplements! If you are in Christ, you've received God's fullness and have everything you need for living fully for Him.

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Paul Clark


Grace of God – it produces PEACE – Grace is the fountain – and peace is the stream that flows from it --  So here’s the question --  Do you have peace? – or are you filled with all kinds of anxiety & torment & worry? – or do you live with peace? – Grace and peace -- 

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Paul Clark


You’ve come to Christ – maybe you just stopped right here – Can you get fuller? – You’ve been qualified and delivered, transferred, redeemed and forgiven – you have the Spirit in you – but you could have more --- and more and more

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Paul Clark


Paul is saying, there is nobody above Jesus. Nobody ranks higher than him. He is supreme. When it comes to God, Jesus shows us what God is like. When it comes to creation, he’s over all of it. He’s the highest over everyone and everything. Nothing and nobody is better than Jesus. So hold onto Jesus and never let Him go

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Paul Clark


Jesus said – “Go and make disciples, and teach them to observe everything I’ve commanded…”

This message was enough to “present everyone mature in Christ.” The message of what Jesus has done is enough to transform the lives of anyone who receives it. It’s a life-changing message.

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Paul Clark


So Paul wants them to Know and Grow – be unified in Christ --  Three words to help us  - He wants them to BELIEVE – BEHAVE – AND BEWARE

I want you to know something – not just hear it but believe it – not just believe it – but act on it – grow or behave – but then beware – don’t entertain other people’s bad opinions about Jesus…

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Paul Clark


Jesus said – He is the vine and we are the branches – the branches get everything from the vine – when your rooted in Christ – that’s good soil – If you want to field test that – If you want to know if you’re in Christ – just inspect the fruit – Look at what’s growing – what’s on your branches

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Paul Clark


He doesn’t see the guy dead in Porn – He sees the guy forgiven – He doesn’t see the addiction – He sees the forgiveness – He doesn’t see the person dead in their pride – He sees payment – through His son

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Paul Clark


So the false teachers of Paul’s day – and we have them today too – They were teaching Christ plus LEGALISM  - Christ plus MYSTICISM – Christ plus ASCETICISM – What you need is to be born again – What you need is to live a life of dependence on the Holy Spirit

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Stan Steeley


Paul challenges us in Colossians chapter 3, to take the old clothes of the old sinful man off and live for Christ. Stan encourages us to put our trust in Jesus and walk in new life.

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Paul Clark


So when you come to Christ – you take off some habits, some patterns, some behaviors because that’s the old you – and you get outfitted with new habits & new behaviors – so paul wants us to dress for success – and that’s what we’re looking at today in verses 12 through 17 –

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Paul Clark


Wherever you work, you have opportunities to be a witness to people that no pastor or missionary has contact with. Many of your co-workers never read the Bible, but they read you every day

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Paul Clark


 If your going to get by with a little help from your friends – We’re going to have to be friends that pray for one another – That’s the greatest thing you can do for a friend

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Paul Clark


Most of the time in marriage – we fight over who gets to sing the melody – but when you read Colossians 3 – it’s Jesus singing the melody – we are harmonizing

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Paul Clark


 What an awesome and joyful responsibility of parenting, Of Christian parenting. To take a tiny, helpless baby that comes home from the hospital, and begin saturating that child's life and experience with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that they come into a vibrant living faith with Jesus at an early age

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Paul Clark


We need the wisdom to say the right thing to the right person at the right time ---- and we can’t do that alone we need Jesus – we need His Spirit to lead us, guide us, control us…..that’s how we walk and talk – that’s how we become more effective in sharing the Gospel --- and the clock is ticking – we don’t have anytime to waste….

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Paul Clark


They stick closer than family, and often know you better. They pray bigger things for you than you pray for yourself. They believe with you when your faith is weak. They make space for you when life falls apart, and they rejoice with you when all is well. Most importantly, true friends remind you in every encounter who and what is most important.

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Paul Clark


the early church depended on the priority of prayer – We talk a lot about sacred theology – this church had a sacred kneeology – And when they stood to their feet – they spoke the Word of God Boldy – and turned the world upside down…. Northwest—It’s your turn

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