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We all go through ups and downs in our Christian faith. Whatever the struggle—whether outside of us or inside—we often feel ourselves blown about by the winds of emotion or circumstances. Yet God calls us to lives of increasing consistency, with the evidence of our inner transformation becoming more and more apparent as we learn to walk with Christ.

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Paul Clark


Let’s look at the first 4 verses today – and John’s going to say in the first couple verses – “I’m a witness” – and then in the next few verses he tells us “Why” he writes this..

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Paul Clark


God’s not hard to find – He’s not hiding from you – He reveals himself – to everyone – There’s no secret to knowing God. You just have to look to His Son Jesus in faith and His light will fill your life

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Stan Steeley


John doesn’t mince words. Those who say that they have no sin are liars. They are not disagreeing with us. They are directly contradicting God. That is not a position we want to be in. 

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Paul Clark


He’s going to talk about the assurance of salvation—that’s in VS. 12 – 14 ---  the Second thing he does is he appeals for separation from the world – that’s in VS. 15 – 17 ..

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