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It’s that question that comes to mind whenever people talk about God, faith, or church—that question that makes us unsure of God, and if believing in Him makes any sense. We invited you to ask those tough questions, and you did.

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Paul Clark


  • As a pastor I’ve known people who were paralyzed by fear that they committed the sin that would never be forgiven….

So – I want you to see – what it’s not – what it is – and how do I know…?

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Paul Clark


Jesus knew that the best way to handle the difficulties of life was to be constantly connected with His Heavenly Father…………Luke 5:16 -- But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

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Paul Clark


There's a story in the Bible that gives us a picture of what it means to follow God's will - it's a crazy story full of twists and turns, drama and unexpected outcomes - It's in Genesis chapter 37....

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Paul Clark


What is predestination? – Does God choose me – or do I choose Him?  Do you remember when the disciples came to him and asked ---  “How are we going to know when the end is near?”  

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